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Anchor With Ari


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Hi Sailor!

I'm Arian, your Cruise Director throughout your journey here.

Are you struggling to engage your employees in a post-pandemic era where no one knows each other and everyone is on Zoom? Do you wish you could offer an amazing team building or off-site experience but don’t know where to start?

I hear you. I miss humans too. And that’s where I come in.

Imagine your brainstorming sessions on a beach where the only interruptions are waves crashing in the background. Or on a luxury cruise where your team building activity is to experience the thrill of dogsledding in Alaska. Or get REALLY daring and surrender your phones at a customized digital detox retreat, where you are free from technology and completely off the grid.

Today I’m on a mission to create, curate, and collaborate with forward thinking companies who want to WOW their employees with an in-person team building experience they will always remember.

From idea to execution, I will take care of all the nitty gritty details. All you need to do is show up with your crew and build memories.

Let’s make ship happen.

2 Ways to Start Your Voyage

Option 1

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Option 1

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Steve S, Senior Catering Sales Executive at Marriott International

"A true professional, Arian is incredibly motivated to both exceed expectations and act with integrity at all times. What I find most impressive about Arian is her relentlessly positive attitude and willingness to try new things and seem them through to success.”

Josh B, Entertainment Host at Disney Cruise Line

"Arian is a highly driven individual and her versatility speaks for itself, given her impressive accomplishments in her career. At Disney Cruise Line, she was a pleasure to work alongside with on the entertainment team, always seeking to provide the best performance and improve after each one. As a team member, her dedication and energy was contagious, not only to audiences but to the performers as well. Her positive energy, presentation skills, and outgoing personality would be an asset to the success of any organization."

Preston C, Disney English Foreign Trainer, Shanghai, China

"I personally found Arian to be a stable, reliable, and hardworking member of the Disney English team in Shanghai, China. She was willing to work long hours, keep an open mind, and travel from center to center as the company needed. She always conducted herself in a professional manner and was polite and courteous to fellow co-workers, parents, and learners. She was open to feedback and willing to develop herself as an English Language Trainer for the good of the team. Her background on cruise ships and entertainment proves her ability to adapt and thrive in new situations."

Jerry P, Producer, Videographer, Editor, Semester at Sea

"Arian was a high-energy, creative member of our Voyage Video Production Team. She contributed lots of terrific ideas, leadership and even choreography for some lip-sync dance segments. She was always looking for opportunities to give more. I can clearly recommend her as a stand-alone manager or as part of a close-knit team whose mission is critical for your operation."

Michael P, CEO, Lazarus Alliance

"Arian was instrumental in the production of promotional video for my cyber security company. Part of her role was conducting the recorded interview. Her inquiries during these sessions were poised, insightful, intelligent, and conducive to convey complex topics to a broader audience. I enjoyed working with Arian and would do so again without hesitation."

Bryce H, Tour Director at Collette Vacations

"Arian has excellent skills that are an asset in the tour industry. Team work, Logistics, Project Management are her strengths with a unique ability to find creative solutions to challenges.”


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